The Architecture of Music

Book Reviews

"This is so rad! Thanks for sharing it with us!"

Josh Lambert - The Octopus Project

"Wow Thanks so much! This rules. Thanks so much!"

Dan Deacon

"Top notch information delivered skillfully and concisely. The Author did an amazing job with this, and should be nominated for the Nobel peace prize for giving it away for free."

I Recommend this Book (5 Stars) by The Indie Community

"This book is an excellent piece of work. The graphic illustrations that accompany the chapters add depth and style to an already well researched manuscript. Highly recommended."

Excellent work (4 Stars) by junkstar

"Comprehensive, easy to understand illustrations. Just awesome"

Incredible book (5 Stars) by Jason Pruitt

"This book really helped my guitar playing thanks!"

Awesome (5 Stars) by Ghuttvbgcdsf


"Great design, simple approach, broad target demographic from studied musicians to novices. This book checks all the right boxes."

Detailed, pretty, and free (5 Stars) by Bishop Shabazz

"Seriously, this piece is amazing. I'm really glad that Greg made this beautiful, modern and what I think will be a very useful book. Thank you!"

FANTASTIC Read (5 Stars) by Maxburrov

"Worth for the diagrams alone."

Great visuals (5 Stars) by ks404