The Architecture of Music


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In Specific Keys Modes Represent Specific Notes

modes contain the exact same notes

The key note of a scale defines the note a scale’s formula begins from and dictates all the other notes for that scale in that key. In the diagram above, A is the key note of the Suspended Pentatonic scale. If you study the diagram you will find each of the modes contain the exact same notes. What this means (note wise), is the A Suspended Pentatonic is equivalent to the B -Major Pentatonic (Major Pentatonic Inverse or Negative Major Pentatonic), D -Minor Pentatonic, E Minor Pentatonic, and G Major Pentatonic in that they all contain the exact same notes. The only difference is which note they begin from. A song can be written in any scale and in any key. That scale is considered the first mode and all the other scale degrees will be numbered beginning from that scale.