The Architecture of Music

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Interval Diagram

Chord Formula

All chords work in this manner. Their formulas are seen as the totality of notes in a chord independent of specific notes. They do not describe the specific pitch of the notes to be played as in traditional written music. They simply tell us which notes need to be played (depending on the bass note) to play that chord. Study the maj3 chords above. No matter which note is used as the bass note, the maj3’s fromula remains the same and dictates all the other notes that need to be played to play the maj3 chord.

Melodic patterns are very, very important to understand. Everything in this book is based on them and it is here the first key was found that would later unlock everything to follow. Since no record of these initial drawings could be found in common images of music today, the process of recording and cataloging the formulas of chords using interval diagrams began.